Window Cleaning Services in Kelowna
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All Star Window Cleaning provide our services to Residential, Commercial, and Strata customers.

We clean Homes, Mansions, Seasonal Properties, Restaurants and Pubs, Grocery Stores, Resorts, Golf Courses, Condos, Apartments and Strata Communities.

We offer:

Window Cleaning Our professional window cleaners arrive on time and ready to work. Our staffs are friendly, clean cut, and are in uniform. We use ladder arms to keep the ladders away from the exterior of the building and window. We are careful around landscaping and irrigation systems. We use only the best equipments to achieve a perfect streak-free clean which will make the window appear to disappear. We strive for the highest quality. When we clean interior windows we are very careful with our equipments, we wear shoe covers and use painters style drop cloths, to avoid any mess.

Gutter Cleaning We use gutter scoops to clean out the debris from gutters and down spout filters. If necessary we un-clog any debris from the down spout itself. All the while making sure not to drop any mess. When we are finished, we take the gutter waste with us .

Railing Glass The main reason people have railing glass is to better enjoy the views from their patio. After all, we do have some of the most beautiful views in the world. Have All Star Window Cleaning make that railing glass appear to disappear and really enjoy your view.

Other Services We also clean Screens, Skylights, Spider Webs, Minor Gutter repairs.

All Star Window Cleaning recommends getting your windows, railing glass, skylights and gutters cleaned regularly. Not only will it add to your quality of life but to prevent any potentially  expensive damage that can occur due to leaving it too long.